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by Edward Griffith on K-9 State Of Mind

Jay is not only a fantastic trainer but a genuine person. We adopted an 8 month old bully breed mix from ACCT philly. He was kind of trained but had some serious issues. The first day we met Jay, he came over our house with a calm, positive attitude even with our new pup going out of control. Jay gave his all ed syringe he comes over and continues to do whatever he can. I recommend him for any dog!

Jay has been instrumental in starting the training process with our two year old rescue that is ultra anxious and protective. We have gone through one package and Jay has the right amount of patience, understanding, and acumen to work with both dogs and owners. He is devoted to building his business and is doing so by building a trusting client base and doing good work, simple. We would recommend K9 State of Mind without hesitation and look forward to working with them again in the future.

by Rachel and Jon Grahamslaw on K-9 State Of Mind

After receiving a referral from friends, we started working with Jay a few months ago. Jay has been a tremendous help in training our two Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs. We can count on Jay to answer our questions either during our scheduled sessions or via text or phone call. Jay has given us the tools to work on correcting behaviors and teach Georgia and Bettis the obedience and social skills to help them become the friendliest and most well-behaved dogs they can be! We recommend Jay and K-9 State of Mind to anyone in seek of training for their furry companions.

by John Ksionska on K-9 State Of Mind

Jay has been working with our Doberman, Griffey, for a few months now (He just turned 1). It is incredible the progress that has been made in that short time. I constantly get stopped and asked how and where he was trained, I happily tell them about K9 State of Mind and Jay. Jay not only has a way with dogs but with teaching (the owners) how to easily understand and continue the training after each session. I think the biggest take away is that most people think of a well-trained dog that can do some tricks like sit or paw when in reality you want a well-behaved dog that listens and does things with a purpose, not just for a treat. This is what Jay and K9 State of Mind bring to the table and it will make a world of difference.

I used Jay’s training services after I adopted my first Pitbull/Shepard puppy and the outcome was outstanding! He really goes above and beyond and has a genuine love and care for every dog he trains. My dog and I now have an amazing relationship and understanding of each other all thanks to Jay and K-9 State i’d Mind. If you are in need of an exceptional dog trainer who really goes above and beyond for you and your dog, Jay is the guy!

Jay a amazing and extremely knowledgeable.
Had to get my Akita Retrained after he had a tough time and a rough couple of months after biting a former roommate (his fault). Jay helped me and especially my girlfriend (whom he was starting to take his aggression out on) get him trained and well behaved better than he ever was before. Great socialization and I can't wait to start Agility Training. From what was becoming an extremely stressful and dangerous situation is now a great dog with a happy family all because of K9SOM!!!

by Diane on K-9 State Of Mind

I asked Jay for help in walking my dog. Cooper would whine, cry, bark, and pull when he saw another dog, motorcycle, bicycle, skateboard, or basically anything exciting on our walks. He would get my other normally calm dog excited too and I had all kinds of trouble trying to walk two excited barking 70+ pound pups. In a short time, Jay had Cooper walking calmly next to me and able to virtually ignore all of those distractions. Jay taught me about having a fulfilled dog. Cooper is now doing so well that he is ready to take and pass his CGC test. I found that Jay more than met my expectations and I highly recommend K9 State of Mind.

by June K on K-9 State Of Mind

We adopted Harley, a 1 year-old hound-pit mix, from a shelter. From the start Harley was a very hyperactive dog who had the impulse to chase and bark at everything from bicycles, strollers, and cars, as well as other humans and dogs. Jay has been helping us with Harley for the past three months, and during this time we have seen drastic improvements in his behavior. Jay is very patient with Harley, and shows a lot of dedication at each training session. In addition to teaching our dog how to listen to commands, Jay’s training methods address the core of Harley’s issues, i.e. reducing his anxious and impulsive behavior by fulfilling a dog’s basic needs and purpose. After just six sessions, Harley has become a much more obedient dog. We are very happy with the results and strongly recommend Jay and K-9 State of Mind to all dog owners.

by Bryan on K-9 State Of Mind

I got a basic/advanced obedience package. Jay is great at demonstrating what we need to know and learn when it comes to training our dog, Roxie. She has come so far in her training from just a basic sit command, to being off leash. Our dog would not have the freedom or fulfillment she needs without K-9 State of Mind. We highly recommend Jay. He goes above and beyond expectations! Jay is easy to talk to and to schedule anything we need. If you're looking to have one of the best companions around, give K-9 State of Mind a call. You won't be disappointed.

by Karla on K-9 State Of Mind

Jay Venini provides innovative and exceptional dog training and behavior modification. Jay is very knowledgeable! We loved working with Jay!! He is our very own dog whisperer! He handled my Rottweiler with ease and has been most helpful with identifying and providing solutions! I would highly recommend K9 state of mind ! Thanks Jay

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