Can We Raise the Perfect Dog From a Puppy?

k9stateofmind001How to Raise the Perfect Dog

One of the questions that new dog owners want to know is how to raise a perfect dog from a puppy. If you ask any pet owner, they will tell you that there is no perfect dog, and they love their four-legged companions even with all their flaws. A dog can be close to being perfect if one is well-trained and raised properly.

What is a Perfect Dog?

Before we talk about how to raise the perfect dog, you should first define what makes a dog perfect for you. A person’s definition of perfection can differ from another due to one’s lifestyle, goals, hobbies, and other factors. However, the common traits that most dog owners agree on is that a perfect dog is loyal, friendly and well behaved. The other traits of the dog depend on the owner’s lifestyle.

By raising the dog to develop the common traits first, it is much easier to train them to suit one’s lifestyle. However, training an eight-week-old puppy to become a friendly, loyal, and well-behaved dog can be challenging.

Communication is the key ingredient during this period and it is important to learn how to communicate with the puppy the right way. Communicating with them in the wrong way will send out the wrong impression. This will confuse the little pup and make the dog not trust you at all. Yelling and doing inconsistent things while training the dog will lead to confusions. Instead of having a perfect dog, you will end up having one that is confused, insecure, and unfulfilled.

Stay Focused on Raising Your Perfect Dog.

Just like anything in life, raising your perfect dog requires you to take things one step at a time. You should be focused on getting things done the right way. When you focus on every aspect of raising the puppy, you will end up overwhelmed by the task. It will be less intimidating if you just take one thing at a time.

For instance, instead of focusing on learning to communicate with your puppy, you should consider trying to walk together in unison. The former will just lead you to failure because the goal is too broad. It will take a lot of attempts to train a puppy to communicate with you, and you might lose your patience doing so. This will only lead to frustrations and anger. Some owners will give up raising a perfect dog right away while there are others who will continue to try for a bit but still end up with the same results.

But if your goal is a fixed one, such as walking together in unison, then you can just focus on it until you and your puppy can do it. It will take some education and guidance in order to teach your puppy to walk with you. You can do your own research or enroll in an obedience class with your puppy. Once you have the knowledge, then all you need to do is to practice what you have learned with your puppy. That means the two of you are practicing and learning together. Not only did you teach your puppy to walk with you in unison, but you also started the foundation for your relationship with your dog. Through the exercise, you have developed respect and trust, which are important factors you need to instill in your canine friend. You will then be one step closer to communicating effectively with your dog.

By giving your puppy time and attention, they will gladly reciprocate it with loyalty and unconditional love. You should consider each exercise as an investment in your overall relationship and towards having a perfect dog in the future. For your puppy to love, respect and be loyal to you; you should take some time and effort into gaining their trust.

Learn the Golden K-9 Leadership Rules.


It is also important to learn the golden K-9 leadership rules. Along with learning the Golden Rules, you should be consistent with the rules that you have set at home, as well as the boundaries that you set inside and outside the home. That way the puppy will have a structure in which they will be able to thrive in.

You should learn to train your puppy to perform specific commands and display certain behaviors. These are equally important as providing them with good quality food and veterinary care. There are some commands that are not just useful in your daily life, but can save your four-legged friend’s life in some situations. Once you have established trust and respect, you are on your way to having that perfect dog that you have always wished for.

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