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Sometimes we take certain things for granted. Learning the specific things you should focus on before training any commands will set both you and your dog up for success!

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Owner Biography


Jason is an Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) Member, Therapy Dogs International (TDI) Member and has always had a love for animals, especially dogs. While serving in the Military 6 years and serving a year in Iraq, Jason had the opportunity during and after his military service to train and handle Military Dogs, Pet Dogs, Shelter Dogs, and Therapy Dogs. From there he turned something he enjoyed into a career and began training and caring for dogs in Delaware County, PA area.

He is extremely dedicated‎ to helping people build a great relationship with their K-9 companion and passionate about helping Veterans get Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals to help with any disabilities they may have. Jason has 5 years of experience with working dogs, shelter dogs that have all types of behavioral issues, therapy dogs, pet dogs of many different breeds, behavioral evaluations, and some Veterinary technical work.


  • Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT)
  • Member of Therapy Dogs International (TDI)
  • Certified Therapy Dog Handler Through Therapy Dogs International (TDI)

Read What Our Clients Say About Us.

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I used Jay’s training services after I adopted my first Pitbull/Shepard puppy and the outcome was outstanding! He really goes above and beyond and has a genuine love and care for every dog he trains. My dog and I now have an amazing relationship and understanding of each other all thanks to Jay and K-9 State i’d Mind. If you are in need of an exceptional dog trainer who really goes above and beyond for you and your dog, Jay is the guy!

Harley, the hound blend is sitting and looking away from the camera
June K. Havertown, Pa

We adopted Harley, a 1 year-old hound-pit mix, from a shelter. From the start Harley was a very hyperactive dog who had the impulse to chase and bark at everything from bicycles, strollers, and cars, as well as other humans and dogs. Jay has been helping us with Harley for the past three months, and during this time we have seen drastic improvements in his behavior. Jay is very patient with Harley, and shows a lot of dedication at each training session. In addition to teaching our dog how to listen to commands, Jay’s training methods address the core of Harley’s issues, i.e. reducing his anxious and impulsive behavior by fulfilling a dog’s basic needs and purpose. After just six sessions, Harley has become a much more obedient dog. We are very happy with the results and strongly recommend Jay and K-9 State of Mind to all dog owners.

Kane the Pitbull is napping on the couch sitting upright like a person
Edward Griffith Boothwyn, Pa
Jay is not only a fantastic trainer but a genuine person. We adopted an 8 month old bully breed mix from ACCT philly. He was kind of trained but had some serious issues. The first day we met Jay, he came over our house with a calm, positive attitude even with our new pup going out of control. Jay gave his all ed syringe he comes over and continues to do whatever he can. I recommend him for any dog!

I asked Jay for help in walking my dog. Cooper would whine, cry, bark, and pull when he saw another dog, motorcycle, bicycle, skateboard, or basically anything exciting on our walks. He would get my other normally calm dog excited too and I had all kinds of trouble trying to walk two excited barking 70+ pound pups. In a short time, Jay had Cooper walking calmly next to me and able to virtually ignore all of those distractions. Jay taught me about having a fulfilled dog. Cooper is now doing so well that he is ready to take and pass his CGC test. I found that Jay more than met my expectations and I highly recommend K9 State of Mind.

Charmie, The beautiful Collie is standing in front of a rock with snow on the ground and trees in the background
Michelle Aston, Pa

For the few months before we moved, Jay worked with our lab and rough collie on socialization and off-leash training, and we bought the package for 8 weeks and 2 dogs. He is worth every penny and more! Our lab was very shy around strangers but Jay socialized her at the dog park and PetSmart, and now she loves all new situations and meeting new people (and dogs!). Also, we didn't have a fence in our old house, and Jay showed us how to reinforce boundaries so they got the freedom they deserved to bound around like dogs should! Now we are in our new house, and teaching them the new boundaries has been a breeze! We truly received an education for life by hiring Jay and learning from him how to train our dogs. They are much happier as a result, and so are we!

Jay was a phenomenal trainer. We used his services as soon as we got our English Bulldog puppy. He was so flexible in scheduling times that worked for both my husband and I and he came to our house! He helped us train Charlie and house break him. Charlie is now the perfect dog thanks to Jay's training techniques. I would recommend K9 State of Mind to anyone who is looking to train their dog!

Rating: 5

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