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Biological Fulfillment Could Be The Answer to Your Problems!

When Your Dog Is Biologically Fulfilled, Behavioral Issues Will Be A Thing Of The Past

Biological Fulfillment

Ensure your dog is fulfilled

"A fulfilled dog is a well-behaved dog“.

When you focus on every aspect of a dog’s life, your dog will have the ability to behave even in the absence of physical exercise. Physical exercise is absolutely something your dog needs, but it is not everything. We cannot give a dog one biologically appropriate thing, leave everything else out and expect them to behave. Your dog will only behave when they are tired, which is what the first saying implies. When your dog gets every biologically appropriate activity to fulfill all of their needs, then your dog can not only behave but also relax. This also takes away the limitations of only behaving when they are tired. Dogs need to have a sense of purpose and fulfill certain drives. If you don’t allow them to fulfill certain things, they will find a way to do it on their own with what we usually call a behavioral issue or destructive behaviors.

There Are Three Major Areas That Need To Be Fulfilled

  • Physical Fulfillment
  • Psychological Fulfillment
  • Social Fulfillment

Making sure all of these areas are fulfilled can be a challenge. Starting small and building things up can set you and your dog up for success. Try making time for one thing each day. The good new is that once your dog is fulfilled, you will see a real difference in their behavior and temperament. You get all three of these areas into one exercise. If you play a game that is physical, has rules, and involves you then all three areas are being stimulated. This can absolutely help with almost any behavioral issue and also prevent behavioral issues from ever occurring. Most importantly, your dog can not be completely happy without being fulfilled. You can make all of these things fun and enjoyable for both you and your dog.

Our free cue list can help keep things clear during training. Using only one word for each cue and being consistent can dramatically decrease the amount of time training takes. Training is a huge contributor to biological fulfillment. The more you train, the more freedom your dog will have and the easier it will be to make sure they are fulfilled. Training also helps with mental stimulation and it's a bonding exercise.

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